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Tooth Extractions: Gentle Dental Care Available from All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, IL

Do you need a tooth pulled? Tooth extractions are commonly done at our Algonquin, IL family dentistry practice for wisdom teeth. If you think you might need an extraction of one or more wisdom teeth or teeth extractions for another reason we would be happy to offer you a consultation. Dr. Tim Stirneman is a family dentist who has been in practice in Algonquin for almost two decades.

Tooth Extractions | All Smiles Dental


Tooth Extractions and More

Need pesky wisdom teeth removed? They can cause problems with mouth crowding, can cause pain, and if a wisdom tooth only partially emerges, skin flaps can grow over it, meaning that it’s easy to miss food particles, causing decay and infections. Dr. Stirneman can help by extracting one tooth or all four wisdom teeth at one time. For those with dental anxiety we also offer oral conscious sedation and general anesthetic to help you get through tooth extraction as easily as possible.
Need another tooth extracted? Talk to Dr. Stirneman about the potential of saving it. Second opinions are also available, and they are free of charge. If another dentist has recommended an extraction and you want to find out if the tooth can be saved, talk to us at All Smiles Dental.

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Book your consultation by calling us at (847) 915.6204. Dealing with toothache or a dental emergency? We offer same day dentistry to Algonguin-area patients and have a great track record of success with people of all ages in our child-friendly family dentistry practice.

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Dr. Tim Stirneman

Dr. Tim | All Smiles DentalWhere you see a problem, we see an opportunity. An opportunity to make your life better, whether through a cleaning or a complete mouth restoration. Whatever your reason for seeing a dentist, we hope in the end you see us as more than a dentist. We want to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.