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Get Help to Stop Snoring and Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Dental Appliances that Can Help Mild to Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea

All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, IL might not be where you’d expect to go for help stopping snoring but if your snoring is caused by mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Tim Stirneman could very well be the person to help you. Dental appliances such as the Somnodent, can be a great alternative to a CPAP machine for sleep apnea sufferers in Algonquin, IL. Book a consultation to learn more.

About Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances

Sleep apnea can be very destructive. The longer you suffer from it, the more you’ll suffer from side effects and increased health risks.
Sleep apnea appliances such as the Somnodent can be prescribed after an appointment with Dr. Stirneman. These appliances work to keep your airway open while you sleep, preventing the typical snoring and gasping for air that accompanies obstructive sleep apnea. This alternative to CPAP machines is easier to sleep with, less noisy, and can be highly effective because it’s easy to be compliant with. You get a better night’s sleep, which translates to better overall health as well as emotional well-being.
Did you know that you can wake dozens of times per night from obstructive sleep apnea? Lack of restful, restorative, deep sleep can have far-reaching impacts on everything from your job performance, your libido, to your appetite, cognitive function, ability to operate machinery, and beyond.

Sleep Apnea | All Smiles Dental

Book a Free Consultation to Discuss Sleep Disorder Dentistry at All Smiles Dental

A lot of people with sleep apnea have no idea that it’s robbing them of a good night’s sleep. It can take a toll on your health, put you at risk for diseases that shorten your lifespan, can leave you tired, listless, and underperforming in work and at play and it negatively impacts not only your quality of life but the quality of life of your partner, too, because they wake frequently through the night to your gasping and loud snoring.

Many sleep apnea sufferers who are prescribed a CPAP machine are non-compliant due to how cumbersome these machines are to use. An oral appliance designed for sleep disorders could be the answer to your sleep disorder. If you know you have mild to moderate sleep apnea and want a consultation, feel free to call our Algonquin, IL dental office. If you need help getting diagnosed for obstructive sleep apnea, talk to us as well. We would be happy to help.

Call our Algonquin family dentistry practice at (847) 915.6204. to discuss sleep apnea, snoring, or any other oral health issues. We also help with neuromuscular dentistry / TMJ and offer dental financing options.

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