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Your safety risk increases

When your sleep decreases

After a fun and full family vacation, the Murphy’s were driving down the highway on the home stretch back to Algonquin. Both kids were fast asleep in the back, worn out from their adventures. Mike and Claire were re-capping the vacation when suddenly… a truck on the other side of the highway zigzagged into the ditch, flipped over and continued to roll a dozen times before coming to a complete stop.

Visibly upset by what they had witnessed, the Murphy’s pulled over to the side of the road, just to re-group. They scanned the Alqonquin paper the next morning to see what was reported. The sole occupant of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. The paper sited the reason for the crash as: “apparently, the driver fell asleep at the wheel”.

Your safety risk increases | All Smiles Dental

Wake up! and get living…

Over-tiredness and negligence because of sleep loss, contributes to more disasters than is ever reported. Here’s an astonishing statistic. More than 1/3 of people polled who admitted to driving while tired, said they had fallen asleep at the wheel!

While it isn’t shocking to learn that lack of sleep can trigger a bad mood, it’s amazing to learn that sleep deprived people have the same reaction time as a legal drunk driver.  A recent report indicates that sleep deprived people account for well over half of all accidents on the road.Not getting enough sleep affects your attentiveness and your reaction time.Workplace related accidents place financial burdens on society, the health care system and obviously the individual. Almost 20% of all workplace related injuries happen because someone is tired!

Driving while drowsy sounds harmless enough. Going about your day when your fatigued doesn’t sound like it would hurt anyone. But, the truth is, it’s dangerous. Sleepiness is a liability and it can impair your reaction time, your mental and physical capabilities and your ability to process information and make judgments.

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