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If you aren’t getting your zzzz’s…

You might land in divorce court

It’s an all too familiar scene that plays out in numerous bedrooms across Algonquin. One person is snoring, while the other spends their entire night dealing with the snorer. They spend their night elbowing and nudging and grumbling their way through anothersleepless night. At some point, in those dark, deep Algonquin morning hours, someone generally makes the trek to the couch or spare bedroom. Usually the “culprit” is completely unaware of anything that’s going on. They are oblivious to the fact their spouse is annoyed, discontent and ready to move on.

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A peaceful, deep night’s sleep could save your marriage

While snoring isn’t letting you get restful sleep, it’s also damaging and taking its toll on your relationship. If you are the one snoring, you don’t full understand what your partner is going through. If you are waking a lot during the night or if you struggle with persistent snoring, your partner’s sleep is as equally compromised. Even if night after night they are the recipient of your sleep habits and they seemingly adjust to your ways, their sleep is being equally compromised.

Simply put – couples struggling with snoring and sleep apnea, have a higher rate of divorce. Both people are lacking proper sleep, resulting in an increase in conflict, tension and in the end, it puts undue stress and strain on the marriage.

More than your spouse suffers…

Outside your bedroom walls, other relationships are being impacted. Friends, co-workers and other family members are seeing the changes in your personality. At times a simple conversation can result in irritation and impatience with others. It’s not you talking – it’s the lack of sleep!

While sleep loss is unlikely to destroy an otherwise secure relationship, it can certainly intensify problems. Give Dr. Stirneman a call today and put a stop to any more damage to both you and others. Find out how a sleep-trained dentist can improve your relationships and give you back a restful and deep sleep.

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Dr. Tim Stirneman

Dr. Tim | All Smiles DentalWhere you see a problem, we see an opportunity. An opportunity to make your life better, whether through a cleaning or a complete mouth restoration. Whatever your reason for seeing a dentist, we hope in the end you see us as more than a dentist. We want to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.