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Oral Cancer Screening at All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, IL: Early Detection is the Best Oral Cancer Cure 

Oral Cancer screening is an easy but important thing to do. It’s quick and painless and can enable you and your family dentist to act fact. Algonquin, IL family dentist Dr. Tim Stirneman of All Smiles Dental is dedicated to creating and maintaining beautiful smiles. A beautiful smile doesn’t just look good, it’s healthy, too. That’s why your dental care from All Smiles dental includes an oral cancer screening as part of your regular exam.

As with any cancer, oral cancer is deadly if not diagnosed and treated early.  At All Smiles Dental, we have the skills and tools to ensure early signs and symptoms of oral cancer and pre-cancerous conditions are identified. While some of the below symptoms may be due to less serious oral health problems, it’s extremely important to rule out the possibility of oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

Oral Cancer can be present even before symptoms appear but the most common symptoms of oral cancer include the following:

  • Discolorations in the mouth (particularly red or white spots)
  • Sores, lumps, rough spots, particularly if they do not heal and bleed easily
  • Problems moving the tongue or jaw as well as new difficulty speaking or chewing
  • Pain or numbness in the mouth could also be a sign of oral cancer.
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About Oral Cancer Screenings at All Smiles Dental, Algonquin, IL

Dr. Tim Stirneman and his Algonquin, IL family dentistry team are trained to evaluate your entire mouth, not just your teeth, to help detect cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions.

Besides a visual examination of your mouth, they’ll feel the tissue of your throat and mouth to detect any abnormalities. If they discover any areas of concern, a simple test, such as a brush test, to collect cells and send them for analysis to a lab is done. Depending on those results, they may recommend a biopsy.

Not all signs of Oral Cancer equate to oral cancer but early intervention offers the best possible chance of full recovery.

Beyond oral cancer screenings, Dr. Stirneman and his team are committed to beautiful and healthy smiles. Whether you want dental crowns, need a tooth extraction, teeth whitening, adult braces, or simply want a dentist near your Algonquin, IL home or business who cares, Dr. Stirneman has been serving this community for nearly 2 decades with great oral care. Book your checkup or consultation by calling us at . (847) 915.6204.

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