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lack of sleep = lack of other things

Alright, it’s not a popular topic among men, but having trouble getting romantic happens to a lot of guys.  Woody Allen once said “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing”.  Suffering from impotence is no laughing matter. Instead it’s an embarrassing, frustrating, uncomfortable position to be in.

It may be that all the parts “work”; it’s not a physical matter. The obstacle staring your down is your complete lack of desire. You just have no longing to intimate. You don’t crave sex. Your libido has packed up and moved on.

Well, did you know the problem could be sleep. Or more appropriately, lack of it.

Loss of Libido | All Smiles Dental

Sleep is important in all areas and your sex life in no exception

It’s well known that a man’s testosterone level usually declines with age. High levels of testosterone have been linked to improved blood pressure, increased hair loss and a shrinking waistline. Inadequate levels of testosterone can be attributed to a decreased libido, loss of interest in sex and the inability to maintain an erection.

Reports show men that consistently snore or suffer from sleep apnea, produce abnormally low levels of testosterone. The lack of this results in a malfunctioning libido and can lead to bouts of impotence and lack of sexual desire.

Most men list problems between the sheets due to external factors: stress, work, kids, money, responsibilities, family obligations, etc. The truth is,when men are sleep deprived, they have disrupted body clocks and a much poorer libido than those getting enough sleep throughout the night. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to get back your healthy libido. This includes a nutritious diet, ensuring you exercise regularly and reducing and managing your stress. Most importantly, you need sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Your sex life depends on it.

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Dr. Tim Stirneman

Dr. Tim | All Smiles DentalWhere you see a problem, we see an opportunity. An opportunity to make your life better, whether through a cleaning or a complete mouth restoration. Whatever your reason for seeing a dentist, we hope in the end you see us as more than a dentist. We want to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.