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Get a Free Consultation or a Second Opinion from an Algonquin, IL Family Dentist

At All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, IL Dr. Stirneman and his family dentistry team are all about patients. We strive to make you comfortable and we give you the straight answers you want in plain English. We aren’t here to sell unnecessary dental treatments or confuse you with medical jargon. We work hard to earn and keep your trust.

Book a No Obligation Free Dental Consultation

We are here to help you get or keep a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. We aren’t salespeople. Get information about dental care as well as treatment options. We can also help you explore financing options for affordability.

Deciding on a dental provider is a big commitment. After all, they are responsible for your oral health (which contributes largely to your overall health), they work with their hands in your mouth (which is a very intimate act), and generally, they are part of your life for a long time.
Coming in for a FREE consultation with no obligation is a wise decision. Before you embark on a lot of dental treatment with a new dental office you want to ensure you are comfortable with the staff, with the office, and that you trust and like the team you’ll work with.

  • Take a tour of the All Smiles Dental office and see what amenities are offered.
  • Chat with the dentist and review what options and treatments are available.
  • Visit with the staff and observe how they interact with you and other patients.
  • Leave after your free consultation with treatment suggestions, a quote for the work, and a good sense of whether or not All Smiles Dental is the right Algonquin, IL family dentistry practice for you.
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Get a Second Opinion on Dental Treatment Options

Whether it’s that you’re looking for an alternative treatment, info about dental implants, costs of treatment, or another area of oral health and treatment, Dr. Stirneman would be happy to make time to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental care.

Like a car, your teeth require regular maintenance and tune-ups, to avoid expensive and potentially dangerous work, down the road. And just like your mechanic, every dentist sees things differently. Based on their education, post-graduate work, the equipment in their office and their experiences, every dentist brings a different perspective to your mouth.
Seeking a second opinion can help you feel more confident. It can ensure the treatment that’s been recommended, is the best treatment for you.
Dr. Stirneman and his team of dental professionals are happy to give you their opinion. Whether it’s recommending a filling be replaced to confirming whether you indeed require surgery, they will give you an honest, straight-up opinion.
No sales pitch. No hidden agenda. No arrogance. Nothing but honesty, truthfulness and a professional opinion that serves YOU best.
Whether you are looking to book a free consultation or you are seeking a second opinion, give All Smiles Dental a call. It’s your dental health and in the end; it’s completely your decision. Our family dentistry team will do whatever we can to answer your questions and provide you with complete information and then hopefully you’ll choose All Smiles Dental and we can then provide you with the best dental health care possible. Call us today at (847) 915.6204.

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Dr. Tim Stirneman

Dr. Tim | All Smiles DentalWhere you see a problem, we see an opportunity. An opportunity to make your life better, whether through a cleaning or a complete mouth restoration. Whatever your reason for seeing a dentist, we hope in the end you see us as more than a dentist. We want to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.