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All Smiles Dental: Algonquin, IL Kid-Friendly Dentistry

Are you looking for an Algonquin, IL kid friendly dentist? You don’t want your kids to dread going to the dentist; you want them to have good oral hygiene habits and you want them to have healthy and attractive smiles. At All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, IL family dentist Dr. Tim Stirneman and his team strive to go above and beyond to make children associate his dental office with a positive experience. Many say that a trip for kids to All Smiles Dental is more like a trip to the amusement park than it is a trip to the dentist.

Kids | All Smiles Dental

Focusing on Kids and Oral Health

Many family dental practices say they welcome children, but not too many places put kids at the heart of their business. That’s exactly what All Smiles Dental does. We strive to break down the barriers sometimes associated with the traditional dental visit and make going to the dentist a memorable and fun experience. Dr. Tim Stirneman and his Algonquin, IL family dental team want to teach children how to have happy, healthy teeth.
The waiting area is set-up to entertain and delight children, with video games, coloring books, an activity center, televisions with kid’s programming; the waiting room alone will have your child excited to go to the dentist. Once they step into the exam room, they are transported into scenes from their imagination. Your children will think they’re spending time at an indoor playground… not at the dentist’s office.
Children retain information best when they are able to apply the concepts they are taught through play, interaction and fun! Dr. Tim Stirneman and his All Smiles Dental team figured out a great way to do just that. To engage your child’s imagination and have them experience the value of oral wellness.
Dr. Tim Stirneman, his staff, and volunteers visit local schools in the area to perform the play – Wizard of Teeth (based on the popular Wizard of Oz). It is an entertaining and educational way to address young children’s fear behind going to visit the dentist.
Many years ago, Dr. Tim Stirneman wanted to do something that school kids could relate to, something that would help the information they received about oral health – stick with them. He decided to write a play, putting a dental twist on the characters of the Wizard of Oz.
Bringing the children information in a new and entertaining way, he saw the interest and retention rate significantly increase. More-over, he was hoping to ease some of the dental fears and anxieties young kids have about the dentist.

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Contact our office to book a check-up for your child. Whether you are in need of same day emergency dentistry or a check-up and cleaning, we would be happy to help. Call (847) 915.6204 today.

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Dr. Tim Stirneman

Dr. Tim | All Smiles DentalWhere you see a problem, we see an opportunity. An opportunity to make your life better, whether through a cleaning or a complete mouth restoration. Whatever your reason for seeing a dentist, we hope in the end you see us as more than a dentist. We want to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.