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CPAP isn’t the only alternatives

In fact, it isn’t even the best alternative

CPAP. Some people may have heard of it but have no idea what it is and how it works. And while it does have its benefits, its really is a clumsy and awkward way to deal with your sleep issues.

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. Generally speaking, it’s been considered “the solution” by doctors and health care professionals. In the past, if someone suffered from sleep apnea, the initial prescription has been CPAP.

CPAP Alternatives | All Smiles Dental

If you aren’t familiar with CPAP, you may wonder how it works. Essentially, the specially designed mask is worn while you sleep. It uses pressure to send air through your nasal passages and this increase of oxygenstops your airways and throat from collapsing, while you sleep. Then, you are able to freely breathe and potentially eliminate your sleep apnea.

There are definite benefits to wearing the mask. It will reduce and even eliminate your snoring altogether, which provides more rest for both you and your bed partner. CPAP has also been associated with decreasing headaches, nasal dryness and irritated eyes – all which are related to sleep apnea.

While there are certain benefits to using a CPAP machine, it’s equally unpopular among users. It’s a difficult appliance to commit to. It requires you wear the mask EVERY single night, ensuring it adequately covers your mouth and nose. Most people only end up wearing it for 4 hours a night because of the inconvenience.

Additionally, the straps of the device get oily and dirty and can contribute to facial breakouts. And the air being forced through the machine contribute to a dry and sore mouth and throat, a runny nose and irritation to the eyes and nose.

There are other solutions, such as appliances and snoring devices to help alleviate your sleepless nights. If sleep is something you crave, then talk with Dr. Stirneman about your options.

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