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Living out your day exhausted…

Isn’t really living

So, it’s finally night time. Your day is done, a number of items on your to-do list have been checked off and you are ready to unwind and relax from your hectic day. You brush your teeth, wash your face, jump into your pajamas and settle into bed. After getting caught up with a couple chapter in your book, you turn off your light, close your eyes and … stare at the ceiling.

Do you fall asleep and then be woken because your partner is snoring?
Do you close your eyes and uselessly count sheep?
Do you fall asleep only to wake a numerous times throughout the night?

Waking up fully refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the day seems like a mere dream. Bedtime has become such an chore that you spend your entire day dreading it. And you spend your night frustrated andsurrendering to it.

While you may feel isolated and frustrated – you are certainly not alone. More than 1/2 of adults are struggling with some form of sleep deprivation. And the severe reality is your lack of sleep is wreaking havoc on your health… emotionally, mentally and physically.

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Being tired is affecting your health

Sleep deprivation affects the overall quality of your life. Not only are you clearly tired – the overall negative impact on your life begins to become evident. Your health suffers, your relationships are impacted, your job is affected, your safety is in question, you battle with your weight and you are more prone to depressionand other mental illness.

Most people don’t consider mentioning their sleep problems to their dentist. But the truth is the most common disruption in your sleep, results from breathing cessation.  Because your airways are blocked, restricted or collapsed, you stop breathing during the night . An analysis and treatment by a qualified and trained sleep dentist (someone authorized in this specific field because not every dentist is) can help you reduce and even eliminate your sleep problem altogether!

It’s time you take back control of both your nights and your days. Contact Dr. Stirneman – a sleep dentist in the Algonquin area – to find out more about the sleep disturbances affecting your life and how they can be treated.


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Dr. Tim Stirneman

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